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Book title: COUPLES IN HARMONY: Nine Keys to Enriching Relationships(PB)
Author(s): Sujatha D.Sharma, Avdesh Sharma 
ISBN: 9788182748095
Publication Year: 2014
Binding: PB
Pages: 326
Price: Rs. 295 Rs. 295
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Almost all of us go through tough times and rough patches in our intimate relationships, at times leading to severe conflict, unhappiness and even break downs. Can we be sensitized to possible pitfalls we may face and potential blunders we may commit? Are there some key elements, some pointers that can help to strengthen the marital bonds and hold couples` relationship steadfastly? Can we draw inspiration from traditional wisdom and universal values to address the crisis that confront contemporary couples` relationships? This book by two seasoned mental health professionals highlights nine core attributes or key dimensions that are crucial in building healthy, harmonious relationships with our spouses or partners. Blending traditional wisdom with use of psychological skill sets, the book inspires the readers to work on their troubled relationships through simple and effective strategies, to make them wholesome and enriching. Take charge of your relationship; the time to act is now!

ABOUT Author

Sujatha D.Sharma, Avdesh Sharma : Sujatha D.Sharma, M.Phil, Ph.D., is a Clinical Psychologist in private practice in New Delhi. She has three decades of experience of psychotherapeutic practice with couples, children and families. She has been actively contributing in print and electronic media writing columns on mental health issues and scripting for television programs on mental health like Mindwatch and Mann Ki Baat. She has co- authored an earlier book `Distress to De-stress - A Practical Guide to Stress Free Living`. Avdesh Sharma, D.P.M., M.D. is a Practicing Psychiatrist in New Delhi with 30 years clinical experience. He is a well known media person, having appeared as an anchor and expert in numerous programs in mental health on television, notably Andhi Galiyan, Mindwatch, Mann Ki Baat. He has also been regularly contributing to creating awareness on mental health issues through the print media and radio programs. He is a pioneer in the field of integrating Spirituality with Mental Health. He has also co-authored the book `Distress to De-stress-A Practical Guide to Stress Free Living`, and edited a book- `Spirituality and Mental Health`. Sujatha and Avdesh Sharma are married to each other and practice jointly. They conduct regular workshops on Mental Well Being, Stress Management, Parenting, Couple Relations and Life Skills.