Book title: Olive Greens and Disruptive Patterns
Author(s): Col Vinod Bhaskar
ISBN: 9789386618139
Publication Year: 2017
Binding: PB
Pages: 340
Price: Rs. 595
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About the Book:

The book follows the adventures of Jay an army brat as he finishes his final term in the IMA (Indian Military Academy) and enters life as a young infantry officer. His life and adventures may seem unbelievable to the average civilian but pretty much par for the course for any youngster in the army. Young Jay is still on his quest to find love, respect and fun, not necessarily in that order. The story continues from his previous adventures, as a young kid from a military base to the IMA, Blue Jeans to Olive Greens. This book, Olive Greens(the colour of Indian Army uniform) to Disruptive Patterns(the official description of the combat dress camouflage design) is an enlightening, humorous read, written in a light hearted tone, belying the hardships and dangers in the army. It’s a roller coaster ride from the academy to a remote cantonment in ‘Peace’ to a ‘field’ or forward area in the mountains and the quirky characters he meets along the way. All of which make a highly interesting read and a glimpse into a world not very well known to ‘outsiders’. 

About the Author:

Col Vinod Bhasker is the fourth generation in the army and a second generation infantry officer. He has done his masters in International Policy Studies from California which is another story, and writes to keep his mind from shrinking as he puts it. He has served all over the country including Kargil, Siachen, Jammu&Kashmir and the North East. Inspite of all that action he’s still not sure if the old Chinese curse ‘may you live in interesting times’ is true but he definitely believes life is too short to be taken seriously. He intends to make the Nilgiris his home with his beautiful wife, two wild sons along with a tame German Shepherd and friendly chocolate Labrador.

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