Book title: The Encyclopedia of Warfare: A masterly survey of the changing nature of warfare from prehistory to modern-day armed conflicts
Author(s): Robin Cross General Editor
ISBN: 9780862887995
Publication Year: 2005
Binding: HB
Pages: 256
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About the Book:

Mankind is not a peaceful species. Throughout human history violent conflict has been central to our way of life. Somewhere, somehow, and at some time or other, some form of conflict is taking place, whether on a small or a large scale. Many have sought to attribute this to a weakness of human nature, arguing that we are intrinsically violent animals, while others have explained warfare as an inevitable consequence of the emergence of organized societies and civilizations. Whatever the reasons, it is clear that in order to have a true understanding of our history, we must have a knowledge of war.

With its in-depth look at the part war has played in our history, The Encyclopedia of Warfare gives you that knowledge. Written by a team of eminent military historians, it covers all the significant armed conflicts from 1481BC right up to the present day.

About the Author:
Robin Cross is a freelance writer specializing in the social and military history of the twentieth century. His books include VE Day: Victory in Europe 1945, The US Marine Corps, The Bombers and the bestselling We’ll Meet Again.>/i>