Book title: Inside the Global Jihad: How I Infiltrated Al Qaeda and Was Abandoned by Western Intelligence
Author(s): Omar Nasiri
ISBN: 9781850658610
Publication Year: 2006
Binding: HB
Pages: 358
Price: Rs. 1295
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About the Book:

My name is not Omar Nasiri—or at least that is not the name of my parents gave me. It is the name I am using to write this books, but it is only one of many names I have used over the course of my life. Or perhaps I should say my lives—as a son, a brother, a student, a drugs-dealer, a gun-runner, a Mujahid, a secret agent, a civilian, a husband, and now an author….

Between 1994 and 2000, Omar Nasiri worked as a secret agent for Europe’s top foreign intelligence services—for Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), more commonly known as MI6, for the Security Service (MI5), for France’s DGSE(Direction Genrale de la Securite Exterieure) and for Germany’s BvF (Bundesamtes fur Verfassungsschutz).

About the Author:
Omar Nasiri ( a pseudonym to protect his identity) was born in Morocco and currently lives in Germany with his wife.

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