Book title: Charlie Wilson`s War
Author(s): George Crile
ISBN: 9780802141248
Publication Year: 2003
Binding: PB
Pages: 560
Price: Rs. 595
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About the Book:
Charlie Wilson’s War is the true story of how a Texas congressman and a rogue CIA agent conspired to launch the biggest, meanest, and most successful CIA campaign ever—the operation of fund the mujahideen in their fight against the Soviet army that had invaded Afghanistan. This riveting inside account of the last battle of the Cold War is a missing chapter from our recent past. It offers the key to understanding two of the most important events of our time—the sudden collapse of the Soviet Union and the rise of militant Islam.

About the Author:
GEORGE CRILE is a veteran producer for 60 Minutes and 60 Minutes II. He lives in New York with his wife and four daughters.

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