Book title: Blood Clot: In Combat with the Patrols Platoon, 3 Para Afghanistan, 2006
Author(s): Jake Scott
ISBN: 9781906033316
Publication Year: 2008
Binding: HB
Pages: 356
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About the Book:

“As you know, ‘blood clot’ means bold cells coming together to form a strong clot that forms and sticks together to keep the wound sealed enabling it to repair. The Parachute Regiments ‘blood clot’ acts the same, whether downtown scrapping or in some far away country fighting alongside each other. Our maroon berets come together, they stick together, they close ranks forming the blood clot and fight against anything that comes their way.”(Jake Scott)

When the 3 Para battle group departed for Helmand Province, south Afghanistan, nobody really knew what to expect. Within a month of being on the ground the first of many contacts between the Taliban and British forces began. The British government and media were in shock- for the men on the ground it was what they were trained for.

About the Author:
Jake Scott was born in Sunderland in 1981. After dodging most of his school days his interests-apart from running into trouble- were minimal. He became a member of the Air Cadets, which showed him different way of life and he soon became a crack shot and strong hillwalker. Jake wanted something challenging in his life, a challenge he wasn’t finding in Sunderland. Aged 17, he left the local brewery and packed his bags to join the army. Challenge was what Jake got when he enlisted in the elite Parachute Regiment – the Paras. After passing the most intense physical and mentally demanding course in the British army, Jake became part of the official ‘blood clot’ and served in operations around the world including the 2003 Iraqi invasion.

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