Book title: The Ama Handbook of E-Learning: Effective Design, Implementation and Technology Solutions (*FOR SALE IN INDIAN SUB-CONTINENT ONLY*)
Author(s): George M. Piskurich
ISBN: 9788182745094
Publication Year: 2011
Binding: HB
Pages: 462
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About the Book:
The growth of e-learning has been exponential and is projected to continue. While traditional workshops are still enormously valuable, most vendors have devoted substantial resources to retooling delivery and content for e-learning environments. E-learning is not an either-or proposition but a limitless opportunity to merge the field-proven best practices of workplace learning with the flexibility strength, and cost effectiveness of technology-based delivery. Many companies have made successful transitions from traditional training programs to fully developed e-learning initiatives, bringing about tremendous results and huge saving. Many others, however, have floundered in their initial efforts, while still more have simply not entered the arena.

About the Author:
GEORGE PISKURICH is an organizational learning and performance consultant specializing in e-learning design, performance improvement analysis and interventions, and telecommuting initiatives. He has been a classroom instructor, instructional designer and corporate training director and has developed classroom seminars, multimedia productions, and distance learning programs. Mr. Piskurich is a frequent presenter at conferences and symposia including the international Self-directed Learning Symposium, and the ISPI and ASTD international conferences. He is the author of The ASTD Handbook of Training Design and Delivery, as well as other books on learning technology, self-directed learning instructional design, and telecommuting. In addition, he has written journal articles and book chapters on various topics. Mr. Piskurich lives in Macon, Georgia.

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