Author(s): M.R. Shetty
ISBN: 9788182746725
Publication Year: 2012
Binding: HB
Pages: 1362
Price: Rs. 4500
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About the Book:

Upon completion of this the firth volume with thirty thousand couplets, the author would have written a total of ninety thousand ‘English couplets’ in five volumes, among the largest in any literature. This book contains a selection of axioms, aphorisms, proverbs and musings that will appeal to both young and old in equal measure.

These volumes are a real treasure house of memorable, unexpected, witty and meaningful couplets that will prove to be a very delectable read. Many of the couplets are unique and can be used by authors, orators, students, teachers and almost anyone who is looking for wit and wisdom and seeks to discover the secret of life.

About the Author:

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