Book title: TIBET`S LAST STAND? : The Tibetan Uprising of 2008 and China`s Response
Author(s): Warren W. Smith Jr.
ISBN: 9780742566859
Publication Year: 2010
Binding: HB
Pages: 300
Price: Rs. 995
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About the Book:

This deeply knowledgeable book offers the first sustained analysis of the 2008 uprising in Tibet, which revealed much about Tibetan nationalism and even more about Chinese nationalism. Retracing the complex history between China and Tibet, noted expert Warren W. Smith Jr. describes the uprising itself and explores its broader significance for Chinese-Tibetan relations. He sharply critiques China`s use of heavy-handed propaganda to recast the uprising and obscure its origins and significance. The book convincingly shows that far from becoming more lenient in response to Tibetan discontent, China has determined to eradicate Tibetan opposition internally and coerce the international community to conform to China`s version of Tibetan history and reality.

About the Author:

Warren W. Smith Jr. is a researcher and writer with the Tibetan Service of Radio Free Asia.

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