Author(s): Ronald A. Lindsay
ISBN: 9788182743656
Publication Year: 2009
Binding: HB
Pages: 314
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About the Book:

Should we allow terminally ill patients to hasten their deaths with the assistance of a physician? Do genetically engineered foods pose a danger? Is there something wrong about taking a drug that will enhance your intelligence? Questions like these are the focus of public policy debates—debate that seem never-ending because they are often based more on ideology and religious dogma than on a careful consideration of the relevant legal and ethical questions. Exhaustively researched, vigorously argued, and tightly reasoned. Future Bioethics is essential reading for anyone who wants rational pragmatic, and progressive policies on the critical bioethical issues of our time.

About the Author:

Ronald A. Lindsay holds a doctorate in bioethics and is currently director of research and legal affairs at the Center for Inquiry in Washington, DC. For many years he practiced law in Washington, DC, and was an adjunct professor at Georgetown University and American University, where he taught courses in jurisprudence and philosophy.

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