Author(s): Rahul Singhal (Ed.)
ISBN: 818683057X
Publication Year: 2002
Binding: PB
Pages: 156
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About the Book:

This book is an insight into the life and beliefs of a man, who is not a mere politician, but a person with an astounding clarity of vision, dynamism and patriotism. Shri L.K. Advani, a man who has not only been instrumental in the success of BJP, but his ideology and boldness has helped in steering the country towards projecting a new bold and strong front. Perhaps it is this aspect of his personality that has prompted the term ‘Iron Man’, to be used by many to describe the man.

The book goes through L.K. Advani’s journey of life, which began in the pre partitioned India, in Karachi- to being the second-in-charge in the hierarchy of political power of the largest democracy in the world.

A part from his political life, the other aspects of his personality, his liking, for books and music, films & sports etc., are also discussed in the book.

This caricatures in the book provide a lively and illustrative insight into the life and time of L.K. Advani.

About the Author:

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