Book title: Ecology and the Biosphere: Principles and Problems (*FOR SALE IN INDIAN SUB-CONTINENT ONLY*)
Author(s): Sharon La Bonde Hanks
ISBN: 8182742382
Publication Year: 2006
Binding: HB
Pages: 216
Price: Rs. 650
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About the Book:

This is an ideal book for bringing together important concepts and information regarding how science relates to our lives, how the biosphere works, what is wrong with earth, and what we can do to make a real difference. Now there is a book that delivers real-life examples that make understanding more interesting and relevant to non-scientist. Concise and focused, this book will enable readers to make intelligent choices about their involvement in the future of the earth.

Key Features:

·         Presents relevant biospheric issues to everyday and business life.

·         Integrates scientific principles and concepts with current biospheric issues.

·         Provides extensive real-life examples.

·         Defines all terms in context.

·         Provides extensive listing of resources

About the Author:

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