Book title: Indian An Ideal Labour or Slave
Author(s): Krishnan Arunachalam 
ISBN: 978-81-8274-393-9
Publication Year: 2009
Binding: HB
Pages: 203
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About the Book:
India has been seen a very attractive point in others words, a hub for supplying labour in different parts of the world, the reason being hard working talented and cheap labour. There is no doubt that Indians have helped a lot in developing nations and societies but on the other hand it has its side effects too. There have been several studies on reasons for migration of workers and or pattern of migration within the country and between the countries. However, no systematic study is available about the history of migrant Indians to different parts of the world. This book is an honest attempt to explore India`s details of migration and its typology to different countries starting from the era of Mohammed Bin Qasim in 9th century to the BPOs/KPOs of 21st century. It is not just self criticism but an exposition of our weakness and inability to become our own masters. Is India really capable of becoming a power like China or Japan? Have they learned lessons from their submissive past? Have they become aware of their own strength and utilize it to enhance their prestige, power and prosperity? OR Are they pulling down themselves back to square one?

About the Author:
Krishnan Arunachalam : Krishnan Arunachalam hails from Chennai; holds bachelors degree in commerce and (2) masters in History and International Relations. He worked for Citibank and other International banks in India and Middle East. He is an investment consultant and has great passion for history, politics and sociology. He is interested in comparative study of culture and strive to expose the exploitation of the weak and vulnerable section of the society.

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