Book title: Beyond Twilight : Explore the World of Vampires
Author(s): Manuela Dunn Mascetti 
ISBN: 978-81-8499-398-1
Publication Year: 2010
Binding: HB
Pages: -
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About the Book:
Beyond the great literary and cinematographic successes of Stephanie Meyer, get to know the history of vampires and their modern reincarnations. The vampire comes from the dark regions of the human unconscious, but it his mythical past that emerges once again in the present so as to give rise to our fears and torment us more intensely. Thanks to Beyond Twilight, one can better understand the whole range of historical, social, literary and even cinematographic allusions that have been made, from the figure of the vampire and which have been found in stories, in history books and in movies, which talk about dark angels that one day rejected death. • What is a vampire? Is it a human being or rather an evil monster? • Is the vampire a projection of our sexual and intellectual dreams and fantasies? • Was Vlad Dracula the first famous vampire in history? • Can a vampire be considered a fallen angel? • How can a vampire be killed? Stephenie Meyer, Anne Rice and Stephen King, unlike anyone else, have known how to re-create the world of the vampires in their best sellers, making us a part of their ``terrible`` reality. This book explores the present situation of the vampires. It is a work that any reader or spectator of the great novels or movies of this genre would want to read sooner or later, as it rightly complements those highly successful novels (Twilight, New Moon, Interview with the Vampire) by exploring not only the history but also the present situation of the vampires. And it achieves this by drowning us in a host of chronicles that show how these ``dark angels`` are, their obsessions and desires, as close to the humans as their own nature. Amidst these pages, you will also find chilling details about the occult rituals of vampirism, potions, poisons and their antidotes from the first accounts up to the present day, following the footsteps of Bram Stoker in the depths of Count Dracula`s country, the most famous ``blood drinker`` of all times. • What is a vampire? • Vampire customs. • In search of Count Dracula • Polidori`s vampire. • The lineage of vampires. • Preventing vampire attacks. What the reader will find below are facts or fabrications that have emerged through thousands of years and have reached our times under the cape at times seductive and delicate, and at times terrible of the essence of the Prince of darkness. • Do you think that there could be a vampire in your family? • Could we fall in love with one of these terrible creatures? • Could we turn into one of those beings that emerge after twilight? • How can one recognize a vampire? • Is it true that a woman who makes love with a vampire becomes immortal?

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