Book title: The South China Sea Dispute: Navigating Diplomatic and Strategic Tensions (*FOR SALE IN INDIAN SUB-CONTINENT ONLY*)
Author(s): Ian Storey & Lin Cheng-yi (Eds.)
ISBN: 9788182749405
Publication Year: 2017
Binding: HB
Pages: 320
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About the Book:

Increasing tensions in the South China Sea have propelled the dispute to the top of the Asia-Pacific’s security agenda. Fuelled by rising nationalism over ownership of disputed atolls, growing competition over natural resources, strident assertions of their maritime rights by China and the Southeast Asian Claimants, the rapid modernization of regional armed forces and worsening geopolitical rivalries among the Great Powers, the South China Sea will remain an area of diplomatic wrangling and potential conflict for the foreseeable future. Featuring some of the world’s leading experts on Asian security, this volume explores the central drivers of the dispute and examines the positions and policies of the main actors including China, Taiwan, the Southeast Asian claimants, America and Japan. The South China Sea Dispute: Navigating Diplomatic and Strategic Tensions provides readers with the key to understanding how this most complex and contentious dispute is shaping the regional security environment.

About the Author:

Ian Storey is Senior Fellow at the ISEAS- Yusof Ishak Institute, and Editor-in-chief of Contemporary Southeast Asia.

Cheng-yi-Lin is Research Fellow at the Institute of European and American Studies, Academia Sinica, Taiwan.

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