Author(s): Brahmos
ISBN: 9788182749443
Publication Year: 2017
Binding: PB
Pages: 428
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About the Book:

Brahmand World Defence Update 2017 aims at providing a comprehensive assessment of the present day global military order with a focus on each nation’s military capabilities, new arms acquisitions and defence spending.

The sixth edition of the yearbook featuring a new chapter on Naval Warfare Systems of China, France, India, Russia, USA promises to add fresh impetus to the book by focusing on major countries’ various naval ships and systems and their latest advancements that can influence the battlefield of tomorrow. The yearbook also contains the latest information on defence capabilities of 113 countries and has highlighted 33 important countries along with their geopolitical importance, internal and external conflict areas, threat perspectives, strategic relations, multilateral alliances, defence capabilities including strategic forces and defence deals. 

About the Author:
Editorial Advisory Board:
AVM J S Panesar (Retd.)
Col. J P Uniyal (Retd.)
Cmde. R K Agnihotri (Retd.)
Praveen Pathak

Consulting Editor:
Col. Harjeet Singh

Editorial Team: 
Miranda M Newmai
Ritu Mousumi Tripathy
Suman Chowdhury
Rahul Tripathi
Rohan Mishra
Sunil Kumar Choudhary
Anup Kumar

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