Book title: Montgomery : D-Day Commander
Author(s): Nigel Hamilton
ISBN: 9788182744271
Publication Year: 2009
Binding: HB
Pages: 160
Price: Rs. 495
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About the Book:

This fascinating study of military Leadership follows British field-marshal Bernard Law Montgomery’s military career from his cadet days and service in World War-I to his great victories of World War II- including his defeat of the great German panzer commander, Erwin Rommel, at Alamein-to his time as chief of the Imperial General Staff and his outspoken and controversial views later in life on apartheid and communism.

Nigel Hamilton presents a brilliant, arrogant Montgomery, who refused to bow to authority and skated on the edge of dismissal. Despite this, Montgomery became one of the two most successful Allied field generals in World War II. From North Africa through the invasion of Sicily, he and Gen. George S. Patton routed the Germans in battle, with the rival Patton as a thrusting cavalryman and Montgomery as an infantry commander devoted to applying massive force at the vital point. Hamilton contends that Montgomery\`s planning and leadership transformed Operation Overload from a second front project doomed to fail, into a successful Allied invasion plan.

About the Author:

NIGEL HAMILTON is the author of Monty, which won the Whitbread Prize and the Templer Medal. He is also the author of JFK:Reckless Youtknd Bill Clinton: An American Journey. Currently the John F. Kennedy Scholar and Visiting Professor in the John W.McCormack Graduate School of Policy Studies, University of Massachusetts at Boston, Hamilton lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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