Book title: Zen EconomicsĀ : Save the World & Yourself by Saving
Author(s): Robert Van de Weyer
ISBN: 81-86505-62-8
Publication Year: 2005
Binding: PB
Pages: -
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About the Book:
In `Zen Economics`, Van de Weyer combines economic analysis with social and philosophical insight to reveal how the entire world is on the verge of an economic and social transformation. Thrift on a global scale, for from causing stagnation will enable many of the world?s most intractable problems to be solved. In fact Weyer offers practical financial & personal advice on how to participate in & cope with this global change. It is most important message is that in the Western world most of us have reached a point of prosperity where the investment with the highest rate of return is investing in the self.

About the Author:

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