Author(s): Arif Ali Khan (Ed.)
ISBN: 8182742226
Publication Year: 2007
Binding: HB
Pages: 374
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About the Book:

Islamic Law is highly practicable and easily applicable in life. The ideological ethos and the practical observance of law are two distinct aspects. Some of the laws are very popular and guide the day to day activities. Islamic law also provides the basic guiding principles for the day-to-day practices. For instance, Islamic law of inheritance and domicile provides ideal conditions for the distribution of family property and assets. 

About the Author:

Dr. Arif Ali Khan, B.A. (Hons), M.A., B.Ed., M.Ed., Ph.D., is an alumnus of Jamia Millia Islamia and Aligarh Muslim University. He hails from an aristocratic and scholarly family in former state of Baghpat in U.P. He has travelled widely and participated in several conferences. Dr. Khan, a scholar, in his own right, is devoted to research and studies. Recently, he has focused on academic writing. He is a senior member of the teaching faculty at Aligarh Muslim University. Currently, he is busy in accomplishing his next project on Islam itself. 

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