Book title: China`s Emergence as a Defense Technologycal Power
Author(s): Tai Ming Cheung (Ed.)
ISBN: 9780415519847
Publication Year: 2013
Binding: HB
Pages: 222
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About the Book:

China is beginning to flex its expanding military and strategic clout in the pursuit of its broadening national security interests. At the same time, the country’s economic and technology policies have also become more nationalistic, state-centered, and ambitious. The reason behind this adjustment from a previously accommodating posture, why it has occurred across different policy areas, and whether it is a temporary phenomenon or the beginning of a more deep-seated strategic shift are not yet well understood.

In the defense technological realm, the development path is more visible. China’s defense economy has set its sights on catching up with the West by the beginning of the 2020s and is making steady progress in building up its innovation capabilities, although this is presently in the form of incremental and sustaining types of activities.  

About the Author:

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