Book title: The Reconquest of Burma volume II June 1944-June 1945
Author(s): Bisheshwar Prasad, D.Litt (General Editor)
ISBN: 978-81-8274-779-1
Publication Year: 2014
Binding: HB
Pages: 566
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About the Book:
The Reconquest of Burma Volume-II covers the period from June-1944 to August 1945, Its describes the operations of the fourteenth Army conducted during the monsoon of 1944, th ecrossing of the Irrawaddy, the capture of Meiktila and Mandalay, and the double thrust to Rangoon down the river and the railway axes. A chapter setails the capture of Rangoon by scaborne and airborns operations knows as ``Drakula``. the mopping-up operations conducted against the Japanese escaping to the east of Burma have also been covered the detail.

About the Author:

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