Book title: Beyond the Law of Attraction
Author(s): Brenda Barnaby 
ISBN: 978-81-8499-228-1
Publication Year: 2010
Binding: HB
Pages: -
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About the Book:
In this book, you will find ways to apply that power to get everything you wish for. It is not about magic or alchemy, but the application of certain scientific norms that govern the Universe. Neither do you need to make any great effort to achieve the prosperity and well being that you have always wished for. You only have to read each chapter well, accept its contents and follow its advice. Then the Law of Attraction will give you everything that you ask for. The prosperity, the abundance, the wealth are in your mind already. They form part of you dormant energies, which have been prevented from awakening by negative attitudes. You must detect and eradicate those negative thoughts with scientific resources, so that your mind is full of the positive feelings needed to achieve your goals through the working of the Law of Attraction. ``Success never comes only by luck, the qualification or hard work. Succuss is a Science``. J.A. Ray

About the Author:
Brenda Barnaby : The British psychologist Brenda Barnaby is also a writer and research journalist specialized in the study and awareness of subjects related to mental power and also the origin and the function of mental vibrations. Her work is basically oriented towards the ``dormant`` mental energies or energy that is hardly used by our brain; she also works on the human capacity to reject negative vibrations to produce positive changes in the life of a person for a better and more satisfactory living. Brenda resides in a farm house in West Sussex with her husband, a naturalist doctor, and her children Paul and Serena.

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