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Book title: Neighbourhood Initiatives of the Modi Government: Challenges and Road Ahead
Author(s): Nalini Kant Jha & Sreelekha K. R.
ISBN: 9789386618337
Publication Year: 2018
Binding: HB
Pages: 160
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Neighborhood Initiatives of the Modi Government is a significant addition to the field of South Asian Studies and India`s Foreign Policy. Ever since he assumed the office of Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has been trying to improve India`s ties with the world in general and neighbours in particular not only to serve Bharatiya national interests, but also to act in accordance with ancient Bharatiya wisdom of treating every one as friend or potential friend. This was evident when Prime Minister Modi, initiated his foreign policy endeavors by inviting all the heads of governments of South Asian states to attend his Government`s oath taking ceremony. But when confronted with bullets, his Army responded by firing mortars and surgical strikes. Chapters in the book examines New Delhi`s South Asia policy in the lights of these moorings.

This book not only addresses different aspects of contemporary India`s South Asia policy, but also analyses the Chinese eclipse across South Asia and the Indian Ocean Region. Essays in the book explore the challenges and opportunities before the Modi Government in dealing with its South Asian neighbours.

Written in a lucid and accessible style, this book will be valuable for UG and PG students, civil service aspirants, researchers and foreign policy analysts

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Nalini Kant Jha, currently Vice Chancellor, Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University, Bihar, is also an independent Director of National Hydro Power Corporation, New Delhi. He is Professor of International Studies at Pondicherry Central University (on lien) and an Adjunct Professor of Geopolitics at Manipal University.  Former Director of UGC Center for Southern Asia Studies as well as UNESCO Institute of South Asia Regional Cooperation at Pondicherry University, he has held the prestigious Rajiv Gandhi Chair at Allahabad University. A twice Fulbrighter, Prof. Jha has been a Post-doctoral Fulbright Fellow at the Center for South Asian Studies of University of California, Berkeley; and Fulbright Professor at the South Asian Studies Programme of the School of Advanced International Studies of John Hopkins University, Washington DC.; Visiting Fellow at Department of International Relations, Dhaka, Bangladesh; and Centre for South Asian Studies of University of Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan.

Having obtained his M. Phil and Ph. D degrees from the South Asian Studies Centre of Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, Prof .Jha earlier taught Political Science at L N Mithila University, Darbhanga, Bihar. A widely travelled scholar, he has authored 2 and edited 8 books; 17 book reviews and 150 papers related to Indian foreign policy and South Asia in prestigious journals as well as edited volumes. 

He can be contacted on

Sreelekha K.R. is Research Fellow, UGC Centre for Southern Asia Studies, Pondicherry University. Former Assistant Fellow at Institute of Social Sciences (ISS), Regional Centre Puducherry. Junior Research Fellow (2008-2012) at South Asia studies Centre, School of International Studies, JNU, New Delhi. She obtained her M. Phil degree from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi and currently working on her PhD thesis on Pakistan’s Afghan policy during General Pervez Musharraf Period”. 

She can be contacted at

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