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Book title: India`s Battlefields From Kurukshetra to Balakot
Author(s): Ajay Singh & Edited by Monika Naik-Singh
ISBN: 9788194283706
Publication Year: 2020
Binding: HB
Pages: 256
Price: Rs. 995 Rs. 995
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INDIA`S BATTLEFIELDS from Kurukshetra to Balakot is an account of 42 of India`s battles, right from the epic battle of Kurukshetra fought over 3000 years ago, down to the present day. Virtually every battle of India’s vast history has been depicted in its pages.

Each battle comes alive as an individual story, complete with maps and pictures. The battles have been cross-referenced so as to establish the thread in the canvas of Indian history. Human interest stories and vignettes are sprinkled to provide unknown insights of these battles.

So let us visit these battlefields and discover the stories they tell. 

ABOUT Author


A soldier-writer, Ajay Singh served in the Indian Army for 28 years before falling completely to the lure of words. Since then he has written three books and over 170 articles. He has also co-hosted a television serial and writes screenplay for television and advertising films.

When not writing, he is the CEO of a Delhi- based company. He can be contacted at

Monisha Naik - Singh is a published author and has edited and co written two books. She writes widely on subjects  ranging from Management , the Arts, Architecture and Interior Design, Parenting , Corporate Etiquette and stories of Human Interest.

An Executive Coach, a Corporate Trainer and a trained Odissi Dancer, Monisha currently resides in Pune with her family and can be reached at :

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