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Author(s): Gaurie Dwivedi
ISBN: 9789390095414
Publication Year: 2021
Binding: HB
Pages: 252
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The corona virus pandemic became a catalyst to unravel the multiple layers of influence that China wields around the world. As Beijing displayed them unabashedly, it accentuated the fault lines in a vulnerable post-war world. After allowing Deng Xiaoping and his successors to subvert the rules-based global order for three decades, the world is now in a precarious phase. The pandemic has amplified geo-political headwinds, manifested in all aspects of the globalized world; from trade to military, cyberspace, and new age technology, thus altering the future of any warfare.

Blinkers Off makes a case for multi-polar solidarity to counter the Chinese Challenge and India`s role in it. The book details the stupendous rise of China, its efforts to alter global power equations, and how the pandemic unveiled Xi Jinping’s ambition to upend the present world order.

Blinkers Off presents a roadmap to defeat China’s imperialistic designs, which will continue unchecked as Xi Jinping pushes the pedal on its ‘wolf warrior’ diplomacy. A roadmap that is in sync with the challenges of the 21st century where the Blinkers are Off and the world needs to look beyond military threats from China and prepare for future warfare in information and trade.

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Gaurie Dwivedi an alumnus of Delhi School of Economics and LSR College, Gaurie is an economist by training and journalist by profession. With over 16 years of experience, she has worked in both print and broadcast mediums in prestigious media houses including Economic Times, The Sunday Guardian and ET Now. After spending the early part of her career analysing Government decisions at the cross-section of public policy, governance, and politics, she has branched into analysing issues related to strategic affairs and diplomacy. Being a multi-faceted person, Gaurie is also a classical dancer recognised as an Outstanding Category artist by the Ministry of Culture, Govt of India. Gaurie is a Visiting Fellow with USI and regularly writes in The Sunday Guardian, Times of India online and Daily Pioneer.  

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