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Book title: The Golden Age of Zen: Zen Master of the T`ang Dynasty(HB) *FOR SALE IN INDIAN SUB-CONTINENT ONLY
Author(s): John C.H. Wu
ISBN: 9788182749948
Publication Year: 2005
Binding: pb
Pages: 278
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By the “Golden Age of Zen” I mean the Zen as experienced and taught by the great Zen masters of the T’ang period (618-906). Although the School of Zen has its origins in the 6th century with the coming of Bodhidharma, its solid foundations were actually laid by Hui-neng in the 7th century. The whole movement flowered forth magnificently in the hands of such vigorous spirits as Ma-tsu, Shih-t’ou, Nan-ch’uan, Pai-chang, Huang-po and Chao-chou. In the 9th century, it began to ramify into different brahches. Inevitably the sap of Zen ran thin in the course of the succeeding generations, but with the founders of the “House” there is still no sign of abatement of the original vigor.

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John C. H. WU (WU Ching-Hsiung) was born in Ningpo, China, in 1899. He was a respected author, lawyer, juristic philosopher, educator, and prominent Catholic layman. During his distinguished professional and academic career he was, by turns, president of the Special High Court at Shanghai, the principal author of the constitution of Nationalist China, and founder of the T’ien Hsia Monthly.

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