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Book title: Himalayan Rock Art
Author(s): O.C. Handa
ISBN: 9788182746121
Publication Year: 2012
Binding: HB
Pages: 284
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It is perhaps for the first time that a comprehensive study on the Himalayan Rock Art spanning form the primitive age to our times has been accomplished and presented very lucidly in the present valume. The spatiotemporal scope of this study is very vast: it not only covers the primitive rock engravings and paintings, but also the rock art of classical period and of the modern times, and embraces entire Himalayan region from the interiors of Jammu & Kashmir in the west to Arunachal in the east. In fact, the creative activity on the rocks in the Himalayan region has been so vigorous, varied and continuous through ages that it can be confined neither to a specific time-bracket nor to a particular area. Having transcended all spatio-temporal limits, the Rock Art has been manifesting itself in diverse manners with the varying levels of sophistication to establish its relevance with the changing times and tempers.

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Dr. O.C. Handa, born 2nd Oct. 1936 at Mandi, is a well-known connoisseur of art and culture. He is an outstanding scholar in history and archaeology, especially of the Himalayan region, having been in the field now for almost a half century.

Dr. Handa has twenty exclusive books on the art, history, archaeology and culture of the Himalayan region, besides many edited ones, to his credit. Besides, he has written many research papers and articles for various national and international research journals and papers, and contributed to the Encyclopaedia of Hinduism. He has, thus, more than five hundred papers and articles to his credit. He has also been performing for the radio and TV. Dr. Handa has participated in several international, national and regional seminars and workshops and delivered lectures on the subjects of his specialty at various forums in India and abroad.

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