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Author(s): Joseph Bruny
ISBN: 818274637X
Publication Year: 2007
Binding: PB
Pages: 240
Price: Rs. 90 Rs. 90
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One of the most remarkable aspects of human brain is the facility with which it can store information, seen and heard, and reproduce it as and when needed. But, the world is so wide and the time we live in is rushing at such an enormous pace that at times it goes beyond the command of our desire and willingness to keep ourselves up to date with all that is attracting attention all over the world. 

Without doubt, every event that finds a place in those black and white headlines is worth occupying its due space in our memory. And, when it comes to being a walking encyclopaedia or a cut above that pompously maddening quizmaster you have always wanted to outdo, no matter how conversant you are with the knowledge of every field, every nation or, to be precise, every aspect of existence it will always be insufficient.

With the aim to provide the widest and most comprehensive body of knowledge, this book tries to cover the various aspects of information pertaining to diverse aspects of existence, nationalities, significant people who changed the say of human lifestyle, and those forgotten people whose contributions got lost in today`s shifting world. 

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