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Book title: Cultural Heritage of Jammu and Kashmir
Author(s): K. Warikoo (Ed.)
ISBN: 978-81-8274-376-2
Publication Year: 2009
Binding: HB
Pages: 338
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ABOUT Author

Dr. K. Warikoo is Professor, Central Asian Studies Programme, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. He is the Secretary General (Hon`y) of Himalayan Research and Cultural Foundation, and Founder Editor, Himalayan and Central Asian Studies, a quarterly journal published since 1997. His major publications include Religion and Security in South and Central Asia (Editor) (UK, US and Canada, Routledge, 2011), Cultural Heritage of Kashmiri Pandits (Co-Editor) (New Delhi, 2009); Himalayan Frontiers of India (Editor) (UK, US and Canada, Routledge, 2009); Cultural Heritage of Jammu and Kashmir (Editor) (New Delhi, 2009); Central Asia since Independence (Editor) (New Delhi, 2004) and Afghanistan: The Challenge (Editor) (New Delhi, 2007); Bamiyan: Challenge to World Heritage (Editor) (New Delhi, 2002); The Afghanistan Crisis: Issues and Perspectives (Editor) (New Delhi, 2002); Gujjars of Jammu and Kashmir (Editor) (Bhopal, 2001); Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh: Linguistic Predicament (Co-Editor) (New Delhi 1996); Society and Culture in the Himalayas (Editor) (New Delhi 1995); Central Asia: Emerging New Order (Editor) (New Delhi, 1995); Ethnicity and Politics in Central Asia (Co-Editor) (New Delhi, 1992); Central Asia and Kashmir: A Study in the Context of Anglo-Russian Rivalry (New Delhi, 1989).

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