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Book title: PAKISTAN IN TURMOIL: Story of the Decline of State, Politics, And Society
Author(s): Mujahid Hussain
ISBN: 9798853280465
Publication Year: 2023
Binding: HB
Pages: 214
Price: Rs. 1995 Rs. 1995
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Mujahid Hussain traces the roots of the compressive socio-political, economic, and moral degradation faced by Pakistan at individual, societal, governmental, and state levels. This book presents sharp images of conceptual confusions, policy decisions, and priorities that set Pakistan on a downward slide. It relates how a newly-acquired state ideology (religion) is overlaid on an imperfect democracy in order to achieve a utopia. The ideology, however, paved the way for dictatorship while suppressing cultural and religious diversity, right to express and constitutional guarantees such as equality before law. Besides, the ideology necessitated indoctrination while creating ghost enemies that validated disproportionate defence expenditures at the cost of education, health, and housing. The resort to ideology could not build even the moral fibre of the individual or society, which was soon distinguished as one of the most corrupt among nations.

This book gives short narrations of the culture of the corruption and impunity that seeped into different sectors of state and society including journalism, politics, and the armed forces. The short description of the mind-boggling corruption of two leading politicians and two army generals gives a glimpse of the real size of the iceberg. The grand deception in the name of higher ideals strengthened, patronised, and protected terrorism within Pakistan and across the borders.

This book draws a scary picture of a country that is struggling on the verge of economic default, social disintegration, diplomatic isolation and a civil war like situation in which thousands of terrorists have been replanted. The state seems to have surrendered its writ against armed militias and the political leadership is too divided and short-sighted to steer the country out of the multiple crises threatening its very existence.

ABOUT Author

Mujahid Hussain, a seasoned investigative journalist, has dedicated the past three decades of his career to shedding light on political and social issues, with a particular focus on religious extremism. Throughout his career, he has collaborated with prominent newspapers, magazines, and television channels in Pakistan.

Earlier, he authored books that exposed individual and institutional corruption within Pakistan. These publications aimed to uncover the underlying causes and ramifications of corruption within the country. He wrote the first-ever book on the Punjabi Taliban, a highly dangerous faction within the Taliban terrorist group. 
He had to face difficulties and challenges as a result of his work, as those in influential positions often disapprove of his investigative journalism.

Mujahid loves travelling and exploring different parts of the world. His experiences abroad have likely broadened his perspective and provided him with valuable insights into global issues.

Through his journalistic approach, Mujahid attempts to unravel the reasons behind Pakistan’s troubled state of affairs, despite its population of over 250 million people.

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