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Book title: BAD FAITH: The Danger of Religious Extremism
Author(s): Neil J. Kressel
ISBN: 9788182743281
Publication Year: 2008
Binding: HB
Pages: 328
Price: Rs. 895 Rs. 895
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This is the first book to journey to the heart of religious militancy. Dr. Nell J. Kressel. Who has spent decades researching genocide, terrorism, and anti- Semitism, brings to bear the insights of psychology and social science on this significant and critical problem. What separates constructive religious impulses from destructive ones ?  How does someone Who begins by committing   his relationship with God end by committing an act of murder? Some argue that religiously motivated evil always   represents  a corruption of true religion. Others are quick to suggest that religion itself- all religion-is the root of extremist violence. 

ABOUT Author


 Nell J. Kressel, PhD (Wayne, NJ), is the author of the acclaimed Mass Hate, which was selected by Choice as one of 1996’s outstanding academic titles, and Stack and sway: the New Science of Jury Consulting. His work has been printed or cited in the New York Post, the Daily News, the Boston Globe, the Washington Post, the Boston Herald, Readers Digest the Economist, the Chronicle of Higher  Education, Washington Monthly, and dozens of newspapers, magazines, the country. He has been interviewed on National Public Radio, the History Channel, MSNBC , Fox News, and other media outlets. Currently, he is professor of   psychology at William Paterson University.

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