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Book title: The Iconic Battle of Saragarhi: Echoes of the Frontier
Author(s): Brig Kanwaljit Singh (Veteran)
ISBN: 9789386618603
Publication Year: 2018
Binding: HB
Pages: 232
Price: Rs. 995
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Twelve decades and the Battle of Saragarhi gives shiver through the spine of ultimate human spirit of belief, responsibility, turpitude, valour and sacrifice. Besides historical facts, the `INSIGHT` endeavours to enlighten about the awesome circumstances of tough geo-topography, people and their ample ambitions, socio-political-military overtures, engulfing audacious par takings and the affects thereon, so pervasive, luxurious, varied and transforming.

The intent and content of the Book revolves around the edifice of the feverish spirit that shapes the human values and ethos that are built on the bedrock of memories that become inspirations at the momentous juncture. Memories are but of the deeds the iconic humans accomplish making possible the impossible. This Tome commemorates the supreme martyrs of Battle of Saragarhi through the reflected gamut of analysis.

The Book also edifies upon some crucial aspects of weapons used, tactics, ‘last stand’, rousing war cries, psychology why soldiers fight to give out their best, and finally what has been done so far to cherish the indomitable battle and what more is desirable.