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Book title: Global Geostrategic and Politico- Military Perspectives Through Millennia Past (2 Vols.) setGlobal Geostrategic and Politico- Military Perspectives Through Millennia Past (2 Vols.) set
Author(s): Maj C B Verma (Retd)
ISBN: 9789386618207
Publication Year: 2018
Binding: HB
Pages: 1018
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In this book the author offers a panoramic view of the geopolitics-military aspects—a highly mesmerizing phenomenon of the mankind’s gradual evolution on our planet Earth. Thus the book includes the subsequent multi-dimensional advent-cum-developments and demises of various civilizations. This saga has been traced from the remote ancient era to the presently ongoing modern age. The wholesome description remains intellectually stimulating - and at times daunting no less.

The author maintains that as the centuries, along with various human-civilizations have been rolling by over the infinite ‘canvas of time’, parallel and multi-dimensional developments of military aspects too have been taking place in this world. Thus through the pages of this book, a reader embarks on a fascinatingly ‘cognitive -journey’ through the humanity’s past, present and possible future in global geostrategic-cum-politico-military perspectives.

Another aspect that a reader would find of pivotal importance, that being the most decisive factor, is the “multiple aspects of basic strategic cultures and thoughts”. These aspects have been instrumental to historically path-breaking events, including the inseparable as well as complimentary making of the military history.

In nutshell, pages of this book unfold the eternal relationship between the civilizational and military developments that have kept the mankind engaged.

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Major C. B. Verma (Retd.) was born in a small town of Jamalpur in Bihar, which was a Mecca of Railways then, with Asia’s oldest workshop. His father was a railway official there. To his great misfortune, he lost both his parents while he was still in school. His being a joint family, he was brought up by his uncles and his elder brother. After completing his B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering in 1964, he joined I.M.A. Dehradun and got his commission in the corps of Engineers in 1966.                                                                                                                          

Unfortunately, he soon lost his elder brother, and he had to seek pre-mature retirement from the Army as a young Major in the year 1979. While in Army, he did his M.B.A. from the University of Pune. Major Verma then settled down in Ranchi and engaged in some business and consultancy work for a living. Over the years, he also continued with his passion for systematic studies and research in matters-military and geopolitics. He is an avid reader and is actively involved in social work. Major Verma has been writing also and his articles have been published in many journals. This book is an outcome of his consistent endeavor over the last fifty years.   

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