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Book title: Prelude to INDIAN INDEPENDENCE
Author(s): Suresh K. Sharma
ISBN: 9788182743168
Publication Year: 2008
Binding: HB
Pages: 536
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The period of eight years between the World War II and the Transfer of Power, demonstrates political convulsions in the history of modern India. It was during this span that two important events, viz. The Cripps Mission and Cabinet Mission had taken place and with their occurrence, it was felt in every circle that it was no longer for Indian people now to remain in the clutches of British imperialism. It is a hard core fact that, over the years, the study of this crucial period is attracting the interaction of an increasing number of scholars all over the world. Hence, viewing these years in a global perspective, the present them Prelude to Indian Independence has been systematically and carefully conceived and finally categorized into two volumes, viz, Vol. 1—The Cripps Mission and Vol. II—The Cabinet Mission. It is sincerely hoped that this academic venture will meet a long-felt need of the scholarly community all over the world.

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SURESH K. SHARMA, an alumnus of University of Delhi, opted for the library profession after obtaining-graduation in Modern Indian History and Bachelor of Library Science degree in the early seventies. Documentation, bibliography and indexing have been his special forte. He has to his credit a number of publications including Fifty Years of Indian Historical Writings, Social Sciences in Modern India, Kashmir Through the ages, Rajasthan Through the Ages, Delhi Through the ages, Cultural and Religious Heritage of India, Raja Rammohun Roy- An Apostle of Indian Awakening, Discovery of North-East India etc.

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