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Book title: Emissions Trading and Carbon Management
Author(s): A.N. Sarkar
ISBN: 9788182744417
Publication Year: 2010
Binding: HB
Pages: 579
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The world is gearing up for the Copenhagen Summit, a factor which will decide the future of the climate change policies for the world. Hence, understandably, a lot of discussion and debate about sustainable development, emissions cut and emission trading. At this time, it becomes very important for all to understand and appreciate the importance of such a profound concept of emission trading, and its inextricable link with global climate change. For this, various national and International programmes undertaken by the government and voluntarily or by the non-government agencies have positively impacted the progressive reduction of emissions only to some insignificant extent in many parts of the world. The book provides valuable and updated information on the state of global climate change, principally resultant of emissions, the compositions and characteristics of greenhouse gases and their impact particularly on environment and human life, modus operandi of emissions trading and accounting of carbon credits, global initiatives and cooperation in abatement of emissions, regulatory and governance aspects of carbon credit flows, carbon management and International carbon finance, carbon neutrality, carbon footprints and last but not the least carbon literacy to help build a carbon-neutral global community. The author feels that the book will be useful to the readers at large; and social scientists, research scholars and dedicated workers in the field of ecology, environment, economics, industries and energy sector.

ABOUT Author

A.N. Sarkar : A.N. Sarkar, a graduate in Science from Kalyani University, obtained his Maters in Science from Madras University and Doctorate degree in Biochemistry from the University of Wales. Dr. Sarkar has served the Indian Council of Agricultural Research and different Central Ministries of the Government of India in the capacities of Scientist, Commissioner and Adviser for 30 years. Subsequently, Dr. Sarkar worked as a Chair Professor-NABARD and as a Professor-University of Petroleum & Energy Studies. Currently, Dr. Sarkar is working as a Senior Professor (International Business), Asia-Pacific Institute of Management in Delhi. He served as convener and Member-secretaries of several inter-Ministerial Committees of the Government of India n the sphere of Socio-economic Development & Renewable energy; as also National Programme Coordinator for various Internationally-sponsored Projects and Programmes on Sustainable Development. Dr. Sarkar has so far authored 4 Books and 100 research articles, published in reputed national & international journals.

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