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Book title: Global Climate Change & Sustainable Energy Development
Author(s): A.N. Sarkar
ISBN: 9788182744202
Publication Year: 2009
Binding: HB
Pages: 429
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The age-old accumulated knowledge on the science of global climate change, visible evidences and advances in research findings on adverse impacts of these changes on ecology, human & animal life, energy and economy necessitates a proper documentation of these events to guide our future options, alternate strategies and long- term policies to be evolved on abatement of the declining trend of climate and its stabilization in order to save the planet from further devastation. Global review of the scientific literature on the subject, their careful scrutiny and analysis also calls for creation of deeper awareness, appreciation and understanding of the interrelationship between the desirability of reversing the processes of climate change as well as building simultaneously the concept of Sustainable energy development to bear upon its impact on the former processes. The book on ``Global Climate change and Sustainable Energy Development`` seeks to harmonize the two apparently conflicting approaches. The book, inter alia covers a glossary of useful and appropriate technical terminologies in the wide-ranging areas of Global climate, Emission Trading, Energy Security, Sustainable Energy Development and allied areas with appropriate referencing. The book also provides valuable and a plethora of updated information on the scientific basis of global climate change, the parameters to measure their impacts, various policy and programe measures to abate climate change and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, the proactive roles of International funding and cooperation agencies to supplement the regional and domestic efforts, exploring the nexus between climate and energy security to help evolve strategy for sustainable energy development as a major global initiative in future.

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A.N. Sarkar : A.N. Sarkar, a graduate in Science from Kalyani University, obtained his Maters in Science from Madras University and Doctorate degree in Biochemistry from the University of Wales. Dr. Sarkar has served the Indian Council of Agricultural Research and different Central Ministries of the Government of India in the capacities of Scientist, Commissioner and Adviser for 30 years. Subsequently, Dr. Sarkar worked as a Chair Professor-NABARD and as a Professor-University of Petroleum & Energy Studies. Currently, Dr. Sarkar is working as a Senior Professor (International Business), Asia-Pacific Institute of Management in Delhi. He served as convener and Member-secretaries of several inter-Ministerial Committees of the Government of India n the sphere of Socio-economic Development & Renewable energy; as also National Programme Coordinator for various Internationally-sponsored Projects and Programmes on Sustainable Development. Dr. Sarkar has so far authored 4 Books and 100 research articles, published in reputed national & international journals.

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