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Book title: Quality Military Leadership A Key to `Victory India`
Author(s): Col Vinay B Dalvi
ISBN: 978-81-8274-776-0
Publication Year: 2014
Binding: HB
Pages: 248
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Military leadership is the cutting edge of any armed force. India`s vast geographical area, long international borders and sea coasts, impose grave and multiple challenges on all its defence and security forces. The security of the country`s vital installations, assets and well being of its citizens is itself a formidable task. Warding off the live threat on our borders, protecting our sea coasts and vital sea frontiers and securing our vital air space are other daunting tasks. Multiple enemy threat on our borders, militancy in our trouble-torn states and armed rebellions in many, all these, collectively demand a very high state of military effectiveness, efficiency and professionalism, not only for the Armed Forces, but also for all central and state government agencies. The military leadership at all levels demands the highest quality that a country can afford. The selection, training and grooming of our young military officers is of paramount importance and the `need of the times`. These young, energetic and dynamic brand of military men lead our able soldiers in all challenges and death-defying missions. Attention, priority and focus to this elite brand of military leadership is now `the need of the hour` and the key to Victory India.

ABOUT Author

Col vinay B Dalvi : Col vinay B Dalvi was commissioned on 13th June, 1971 from IMA, Dehradun. He Served with 4 Maratha LI as a third generation officer for 8 years (1971-79); and with Army Physical Training Corps for 29 years (1979-2008). His 37 years distinguished service includes tenures in all sectors/commands of the Indian Army. An outstanding all round sportsman who excelled in hockey up to services level. Twice decorated with COAS commendation. He was a coach/manager of services teams in Hockey, Athletics, Aquatics, Wrestling and Gymnastics. He was Physical training officer at the IMA, NDA and OTA for 9 years. He served as PTO at various regimental training centres. Also served in Army HQ, Headquarters Southern & Eastern Commands. He was Instructor at ASPT/AIPT and Armed forces sports college, Pune.

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