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Book title: Dictionary of Modern English Usage
Author(s): Nancy Pitt
ISBN: 9788182746336
Publication Year: 2007
Binding: PB
Pages: 356
Price: Rs. 125 Rs. 125
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The present book entitled Dictionary of ‘Modern English Usage’ examines and evaluates common problems of confused or disputed English usage. Most of the entries treated in this book have been selected from existing books on usage, primarily those published after 1975, a few have emerged too recently and have yet to become a part of the tradition of usage commentary. During the course of wiring this book, new book on usage were published and the entries from these books have also been included in this book. It is believed that this Dictionary of Modern English Usage contains wealth of information, along with some quite practical advice, and that you will find it a usual, interesting and occasionally entertaining work of reference. This is an essential source of reference for everyone, using written English for different purpose.

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