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Book title: "YOU TO CAN BE A GENIUS"
Author(s): Brig H R Sharma
ISBN: 9788182745001
Publication Year: 2011
Binding: PB
Pages: 178
Price: Rs. 195 Rs. 195
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You Too, Can Be A Genius is a fabulous and upbeat self-help book. The author has very clearly explained with examples, stories, metaphors and anecdotes, as how to improve your life and move towards becoming a Genius. There is no doubt that traits displayed by the people who are considered Genius can be developed by anyone.

ABOUT Author

Brigadier H R Sharma has served in the Indian Army for over thirty five years with distinction. He retired in 2005, and has devoted his time in motivating and shaping the young minds. He has held numerous seminars and done a number of presentations on life skills. He is a true motivational Guru and HRD expert.

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