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Book title: The Nexus: International Terrorism and Drug Trafficking from Afghanistan
Author(s): Frank Shanty
ISBN: 978-81-8274-623-7
Publication Year: 2012
Binding: HB
Pages: 304
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This timely and important work offers an in-dept analysis of the existence—or nonexistence—of the nexus between international terrorism and drug trafficking emanating from Afghanistan.

The opium/heroin trade has been and continues to be a destabilizing factor in Afghanistan and a grave regional and international security concern. Does a symbiotic relationship exist between drug criminals, some public officials, the Taliban, and other terrorist/insurgent entities in Afghanistan? If so, what are the implications of that unholy alliance?

The Nexus: International Terrorism and Drug Trafficking from Afghanistan addresses an issue that directly impacts the prospects for resolution of the current insurgency in that nation. Written by noted terrorism expert Frank Shanty, the book explores the nature and the extent of involvement between international criminal drug traffickers, particularly of drugs originating from Afghanistan, and international terrorist networks with global reach.

ABOUT Author

Frank Shanty, PhD, is cofounder and director of research for the Cobra Institute, a terrorism and counter terrorism research firm in Abingdon, MD. Shanty has coauthored two published works on terrorism and served as general editor and contributing author on Encyclopedia of World Terrorism, Volume 4 and ABC-CLIO’s Organized Crime: From Trafficking to Terrorism. Shanty was also chief consultant and contributing author of Mafia.

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