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Book title: Nuclear Synergy: Indo-US Strategic Cooperation and Beyond
Author(s): Nalini Kant Jha
ISBN: 9788182743649
Publication Year: 2009
Binding: HB
Pages: 254
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This timely volume brings together essays by well-known scholars associated with Indian and American foreign policies and Indo-US relations on a significant theme of India’s civil nuclear cooperation with the USA in particular and the world in general. This careful collection provides a philosophical, theoretical and historical framework for understanding the sea changes in India-USA ties leading to their possible civil nuclear cooperation, known as Civil Nuclear Deal (CND), The volume also analyses diverse dimensions of the deal such as politico-strategic and energy security implications, concerns about the deal raised in India and the ISA and reconciliation of these concerns and the significance of domestic politics and institutions of both the countries in shaping the deal. Finally, the book ends with an examination of the problems and processes of implementation of the CND. While not all contributors to this volume agree about the significance of the deal for India, most of them regard it as mutually advantageous for both the countries as well as for the world. The policy analysis and insights offered in the volume would be useful to students, scholars and policy-makers alike policy and its engagement with the USA.

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Dr. Nalini Kant Jha, currently, a Rajiv Gandhi Chair Professor in Contemporary Studies at Allahabad Central University, Allahabad, is an eminent scholar of International Relations and South Asian Studies. His major works include Domestic Imperatives in India’s Foreign Policy (New Delhi, 2002); South Asia in 21st Century: India, Her Neighbours and Great Powers (New Delhi, 2003); Peace and Cooperative Security in South Asia (Pondicherry/New Delhi 2001); India’s Foreign Policy in a Changing World (New Delhi, 2000); International Crisis and Indira Gandhi’s  Foreign Policy (New Delhi/Patna, 1985), etc. A widely travelled scholar, Prof. Jha has published more than 60 research papers in journals of national and international repute.

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