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Book title: The Cra$h 2008
Author(s): Swan Pidcock , David M. 
ISBN: 978-81-8274-386-1
Publication Year: 2009
Binding: HB
Pages: 440
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This history of monetary abuse its life in the 1930`s long before its title The Other Road to Serfdom was determined. This came as a result of the publication in 1941, of The Road To Serfdom, by Professor F.A. Hayek, which became one of the most influential books on economics in the 20th century almost on a par with Keynes General Theory, with Margaret Thatcher being one of Hayek`s most ardent admirers; mainly because he singled out Marxist-Socialism as being The Road To Serfdom and the greatest threat to Western Civilisation. However, as the evidence shows, a far greater threat is posed to our freedoms by Unregulated, Unfettered Capital which is not only responsible for the Crash of 2008 but has been the cause of every economic catastrophe since the Bank of England was founded in 1694.

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Swan Pidcock : ATA Contents: Introduction Preface 1. The Eternal Truths 2. Islam, Riba and Monetary Reform 3. Karl Marx 4. The Dogs May Bark 5. Stripped of Our Illusions 6. Money the Servant is now the Master 7. The Sorcerer and his Apprentices 8. The Root of Our Economic Ills 9. Alchemists and the Academics 10. The Betrayal of Keynes 11. These Men Protest Too Strongly 12. ``Let`s Get Back to `Proper` Money`` 13. Conclusion & an Outline Plan for the Survival of True Capitalism Appendix Select Bibliography Index Glossary & Guide.

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