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Book title: The Unfinished War in Afghanistan 2001-2014
Author(s): Vishal Chandra
ISBN: 978-81-8274-762-3
Publication Year: 2014
Binding: HB
Pages: 316
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This book makes a modest attempt to contribute to the ongoing debate on future challenges for Afghanistan as the largest ever coalition of Western forces prepares to withdraw. It seeks to examine key political developments within Afghanistan over the last one decade in response to the US-led Western military and political intervention. Perhaps, much more is still to come in a war that could aptly be termed as the last big war of the twentieth and first long war of the twenty ?first century. The emerging social and political narratives are unmistakably old and echo the sentiments of the past. Though a ` New Afghanistan` has emerged in the meanwhile, it remains fundamentally an urban phenomenon. The diversity of narratives and perceptions, and failure of past political transitions to build a sustainable internal balance of power, based on changed social and political realities, have turned Afghanistan into a complex entity that defies established theoretical formulations and explanations. The evolving security and political scenario suggests that elections alone may not help bring stability and order to Afghanistan. The next dispensation in Kabul, irrespective of its composition, is most likely to be confronted with a host of old and familiar challenges to its legitimacy and survival.

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Vishal Chandra : Vishal Chandra is Associate Fellow at the Institute for Defence Studies & Analyses ( IDSA), New Delhi. His core area of research is politics of afghan conflict, with special interest in Taliban resurgence, politics of reconciliation, making of the Afghan National Army, role of political opposition, shaping of regional perceptions, past political transitions and trends in Indo-afghan relations.

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