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Book title: THE TRADE GAME: Engaging with Central Asia
Author(s): Amiya Chandra
ISBN: 9789386618092
Publication Year: 2017
Binding: HB
Pages: 326
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This book is a revised extension of the previous edition, India-Central Asia Relations: The Economic Dimension, and delves deeper into the complex and intricate geopolitical, security and economic relationship of India with Central Asia. India considers Central Asia as its “extended neighbourhood”, and has taken various initiatives like “Connect Central Asia” and full membership of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), and views Central Asian Republics (CARs) as an answer to India’s multiple objectives: (a) to maintain its political influence in the region; (b) fulfil India’s energy requirements; (c) to develop a meaningful economic and trade relationship; and (d) contribute in CARs development by expanding its bouquet of goods and services exports in areas where they benefit mutually. The book covers the detailed study of the issues involved, stakeholders, extent and pattern of the relationship, evaluates the current approach and suggests further possibilities to strengthen the Indo-Central Asia relationship. There has been a tectonic change in the world around us – China is the new Capitalist State, and a champion of free trade; the US is the new Socialist State and wishes to be more conservative and protective with its inward looking ‘America First’ policy; Russia is evolving again to be a Super Power and the EU is facing Brexit; in India, Narendra Modi is the new Prime Minister, who is committed to strengthen India-Central Asia relationship. These events occurred after Dr. Chandra’s previous study, and they have a major impact on India’s strategic and foreign trade relationship with CARs, hence the need for this revised edition. The book tries to offer a rationale, new perspective, policy re-orientation and shift in India’s approach to Central Asia.

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Dr. Amiya Chandra, an avid academician in International Foreign Trade, is a senior level bureaucrat in Government of India. He has proved his acumen and has rendered his services across various Ministries of GOI in different capacities, including handling of Imports & Exports Policy and Procedures. He earned his doctorate degree from Central Asian Studies Division of School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University. He has handled East European Region, including Central Asia, in the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India, and was part of the Indian government’s delegation that setup India’s trade route to Central Asia via Iran.

Dr. Chandra has presented papers at several international seminars and conferences, besides delivering lectures titled ‘Doing Business with Central Asia’ to various business schools in India and abroad. He has also written extensively on Central Asia, and published articles in reputed journals and edited volumes, including “Turkmen-India Cooperation for Peace & Development” (1996), “Economic Cooperation Potential & Prospects” (1999), “Building a Common Future: India and Uzbek Perspectives on Security and Economic Issues” and “India & Afghanistan: Renewing Economic Relations” (2007). The book titled ‘India-Central Asia Relations: The Economic Dimension’ was authored by him in 2015. He provided his insights and approach to developing and strengthening Indo-US trade relationship when Donald Trump, the new President of the US, was introducing the ‘America First’ trade policy in his book titled ‘Indian Foreign Trade: Trumped Up or Down’ (2017). In addition, he has co-authored a book titled ‘Natural Rock Shelters of India: Art & Painting’ (2013), and is also Editor-in-Chief of an International Journal, “ICON” Journal of Archaeology & Culture (an annual publication).

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