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Book title: INDIA Pre and Post-Independence, Indo-China War and Beyond
Author(s): Major Krishna Chandra Johorey IAS (Retd)
ISBN: 9789386618085
Publication Year: 2017
Binding: HB
Pages: 274
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From his student days of ‘Quit India Movement’, Indian Independence, the 1947-48 Jammu & Kashmir Operations, civil service during the turbulent days in the North-East Frontier, diplomatic tumult in Tibet and Afghanistan, and finally, to the mainstream of national bureaucracy including the days of Emergency, Mr KC Johorey has seen it all—the India we see today, he’s seein it shape up and evolve. More remarkably, this soldier-civil servant witnessed the momentous events of the days of the Independence and through to the mid-1980s, with a mind dedicated to nationalism and a heart ruled by sense of self-less, honest and effective service to the society and the nation.

This book is an account of Mr Johorey’s extraordinary journey of service life, which inspired his younger fellow Bengal Sapper, General Banerjee, to record it in the form of this book. Staying clear of personal matters, this book is a narrative of public events participated by Mr Johorey spanning the period of the late 1930s to mid-1980s. Practitioners of political science, public administration and history would find this book particularly fascinating when events and episodes unknown so far are revealed in its pages. Even for general readers, the narrative would reveal so much more than meets the eye.

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During the course of his long and eventful life, Mr  Johorey has seen through many interesting aspects of India`s independence: soldiering, frontier administration in NEFA, diplomatic assignments in Tibet and Afghanistan, and top civil service assignments in Goa and Delhi Administration. Even at the ripe age of 90 plus, Maj K C Johorey, IAS (Retd)  remains  incredibly active and relentless in pursuing his passion for service to the society. 

Apart from all of his military, political and humanitarian achievements, for which he has been bestowed with many an award—including the  Padma Shri—Maj Johorey  is currently the Chairman of a Non Government Organisation known as the ‘Eco-Development Foundation, New Delhi’, and a Trustee of another named as the ‘Soni Foundation, Roorkee’, both of  which  work for education of poor children and ecological awareness. Besides, he regularly participates in analytical activities of the Institute of Defence Studies & Analyses (IDSA), promotes women’s and children`s’ empowerment at Moradabad, and catches up with his reading at the Delhi Gymkhana Club Library. After all these activities, he looks out for, and undertakes various other social service  activities as these come. 

Maj Johorey has a prodigious memory; the best part is that he recalls in full details all the events of his illustrious career. When he narrates any story associated with his decades-long civil service career, the description is filled with photographic details and anecdotes—which is truly inspiring, and leaves much for our current generation to learn and imbibe. A true icon, Maj Johorey is one of the greatest Indians of his times that the country has been blessed with.

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