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Book title: China and its Neighbourhood: Perspectives from India and Vietnam
Author(s): Jabin T. Jacob & Hoang The Anh (Eds.)
ISBN: 9789386618146
Publication Year: 2017
Binding: HB
Pages: 240
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This volume is an attempt to develop a more nuanced understanding of China`s foreign, security and economic policies by bringing together perspectives from two of its most important neighbours, India and Vietnam. This is a unique exercise because these two countries have a long history of both contending and cooperating with the People`s Republic of China. Even as India`s boundary dispute and Vietnam`s maritime territorial disputes with China have persisted, both countries have, in recent decades, also managed to successfully develop close economic relations with their northern neighbour as well as cooperated extensively with Beijing on regional and global issues of significance and mutual interest. Yet, the growth of China`s capabilities and ambitions, and the decline of its impulse towards multilateralism present challenges for India and Vietnam in their neighbourhood. It is against this backdrop that the authors in this book examine China`s bilateral relations and its role in regional multilateral organisations as well as the balancing behaviour of other powers in the region. In the process, this work also seeks to strengthen the sinews of the comprehensive strategic partnership between India and Vietnam by building closer ties between the research communities in the two countries and giving it greater analytical heft.

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Jabin T. Jacob, PhD, is Fellow, Institute of Chinese Studies, Delhi and Associate Editor of the journal, China Report.

Hoang The Anh, PhD, is Vice Director-General, Institute of Chinese Studies of the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences, Hanoi and Editor-in-Chief of the journal, Chinese Studies Review.

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