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Book title: FOUR DECADES IN OLIVE GREENS: Pride, Passion and Perspectives
Author(s): Maj General Anil Sengar (Retd)
ISBN: 9789386618252
Publication Year: 2018
Binding: HB
Pages: 264
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There is no career like the military. You will never be rich, but you will have what no money can buy; a magnificent company of people who simply live by different sets of values. Buddies who will give their life for the man next to him, who  has no blood relationship, but whose unwritten commitment to each other is far stronger than the marriage vows of a couple.

Written in his humoristic style, this book, Four Decades in Olive Greens: Pride, Passion and Perspectives is an interesting story of Maj General Anil Sengar, whose only ambition in life was to be a soldier for the love of the Olive Green uniform. He realised his potential early in life and rose above the ordinary by choosing to serve as a ‘soldier of conscience’ and stood by his values despite the challenges and risks throughout his service. The author’s pride and passion as a soldier are clearly visible. He demonstrates that, notwithstanding the dynamics of an extremely competitive military career, it is possible to live by the highest military values and yet succeed as a soldier, while making it fun all the way.

The book also gives an insider’s view of the internal dynamics of the Army, that is not exactly flattering. It is laid out in two parts. Part 1 is the author’s inspirational journey of accomplishing his goals through self-belief and surmounting odds. ‘Do not just live-leave your trail’ is a lesson in leadership as it demonstrates what can be achieved by selfless and value-based leadership. It contains his thought-provoking experiences, both pleasant and otherwise, and his so-successful command philosophy. 

Part 2 deals with the author’s critical perspective on many sensitive issues that ail the Indian Army, which need immediate attention. These include aspects such as promotion policy, military professionalism, quality of senior leadership, awards and rewards and the dynamics of having women in the army.

The Army today stands compromised on trust amongst the combat arms and between the services and the army leadership. The fact that officers in droves and across all ranks seek justice through the courts against the promotion policy, speaks of the trust deficit in the Army policies and the redressal system. 

The author`s critique is necessitated on the belief that the Army tends to remain in a state of inertia and rooted to the status quo unless nudged hard into action, even when the need for change is an operational imperative. Coming from one of its own, it is hoped that this book will trigger an introspection to honestly address issues which are eroding the basic fabric and foundation of this great institution and directly impacting its war fighting.

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Maj General Anil Sengar is an alumnus of Sainik School Ghorakhal and the National Defence Academy, Pune. He is a recipient of the coveted Sword of Honour and the Gold Medal at the Indian Military Academy. He commanded 5 GUARDS, which remains the most cherished part of his soldiering career and remains connected with it emotionally.

The General Officer epitomises excellence in all walks of military life. He complements an outstanding academic record with the old-school soldiering and serves as a role model to many.

General Sengar, with his distinctive command philosophy, left a legacy wherever he commanded. A man who has carved a niche for himself in the Army, he carries the reputation of a man who always walked the talk, whose word you could trust and never compromised on military values and moral courage, no matter the consequences. Right through his career, he has questioned the status quo and raised difficult questions and given tough feedbacks.

He has vast operational experience having served and commanded his battalion, brigade and the division in variety of operational environments and challenges. He was part of the group that established the UN Mission in Cambodia in 1992. He also served as the Defence Attaché in Turkey accredited to Lebanon and Syria, where he was awarded the Medal of Honour, Silver Degree, by the Government of Lebanon. As the Deputy GOC, he was part of the team that raised a new division in the North-East in record time.

As a leader he believed in hundred per cent work and hundred per cent fun and created an environment of loyalty and commitment, growth and fulfilment for all in his command. He is gifted with a sense of humour and a ready smile and has written two popular books -  Militarily Crazy, the Lighter Side of Life in the Indian Army and the second, Battalion Command: Dare to Lead, on leadership.

He retired in 2016 after a distinguished career.

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