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Book title: Modern Information Warfare: Operations, Doctrine and Force Structures
Author(s): Col Anurag Dwivedi
ISBN: 9789386618702
Publication Year: 2019
Binding: HB
Pages: 228
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“Information” has always played a decisive role in wining wars but it is only in past two decades that it has transformed into a distinct battle space akin to land, sea and air.

Information Warfare (IW) is the new type of war waged in this battle space.

Shaping perceptions through social media, relentless cyber operations by nation states and non state actors, the race to dominate electromagnetic spectrum are all part of this new warfare whose aim is to dominate the information landscape. Ability of IW operations to quickly undermine national sovereignty and inflict crippling damage to strategic interests is now an undeniable reality.

Surprisingly, despite the exponentially increasing role of IW, it has not been easy to transform this new capability into operational doctrine and corresponding force structures. The recent elevation of the United States Cyber Command and China’s Strategic Support Force signify the first major steps towards creating a dedicated force structure for conduct of IW operations. It is a reality which every modern armed force must confront sooner or later.

This book attempts to lay down a theoretical framework to evolve operational doctrine and force structures for conduct of IW as well as their integration with conventional kinetic operations.

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Col Anurag Dwivedi was commissioned in Indian Army, Corps of Signals in 1989 and is a Senior Research Fellow at USI of India. He has commanded an Electronic Warfare (EW) company during operations, been Senior Instructor at Faculty of Combat Communications & EW at Military College of Telecommunication Engineering (MCTE), and also Director of the Army’s Integrated EW Program at Army Headquarters. He has also commanded the Faculty of Computer Technology & Systems at MCTE which imparts IT and cyber warfare training to the Indian Army.

The author has also managed the enterprise network of Indian Army’s largest command, handled Indian Army’s space based programs as Deputy Director at Army Headquarters and been involved in implementing a large number of critical command and control infrastructure projects both terrestrial and space based. He also provided communication support to multi-national UN forces deployed in North Kivu district of Democratic Republic of Congo during the first multiparty elections held after 41 years in 2006.

The author holds an M Tech degree from IIT, Kharagpur.

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