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Book title: MISSION VICTORY INDIA: A Key to Quality Combat Leadership
Author(s): Col Vinay B Dalvi
ISBN: 9789386618771
Publication Year: 2019
Binding: HB
Pages: 240
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21st century warfare demands the highest level of integrated fire and combat power at the decisive points to overpower and destroy the enemy. Equipping our military with modern arms, weapons, ammunition, communication, and equipment are imperative needs to enhance a soldier`s confidence to face the firepower and capability of the enemy. However, the quality of our military manpower ;the man behind the machine and the quality of his officer leadership will always  be the decisive factors and  cutting edge between Defeat & Victory. Our Aim - Mission `Victory India` always and every time!


Over the last 70 years, ever since independence, the Indian Armed Forces have been repeatedly tested by multifarious threats and challenges from our adversaries across the border. The conflicts/wars of 1947/48, 1962, 1965, 1971 & 1999 have been acid tests for our military might, economic strength, united will, resilience and resolve. Have the armed forces and nation learnt any valuable lessons from these wars?

Sadly, we have failed to honestly review, identify and overcome many of our military weaknesses and shortcomings which are now deep rooted problems and unresolved issues. Equipping and arming the armed forces is an imperative need that must be met. However, there is a critical and neglected dimension, that of `quality military manpower` and `military combat leadership`, that needs paramount attention. The 21st century brings to us threats in the form of designer, hybrid, cyber, aerospace and nuclear wars. These are in addition to the conventional wars that are still a reality today. All these, in totality, constitute a multiplicity of threats confronting our collective military might. Enhanced quality `combat military leadership` at all levels would surely help in effectively confronting these challenges.

`Mission Victory India` is Volume 5 of the `Victory India Campaign`(2010-2018) books.  While retaining its leadership enhancement perspective, the campaign is no more restricted to issues of selection and training of military officers but goes way beyond to cover numerous complex issues of military and national importance; with focus solely on strengthening our armed forces and nation.

ABOUT Author


Col Vinay Baliram Dalvi was born on 20 June 1951 at Darjeeling. Commissioned on 13 June 1971 he served with 4 Maratha L I, as a third generation officer for 8 years (1971-79) and Army Physical Training Corps (APTC) for 29 years (1979-2008).

Served with 4 Maratha L I in Jaisalmer and Barmer sectors of Rajasthan during the 1971 operations and later Bikaner (till 1973) and subsequently J & K (1973-76). He excelled in sports, especially hockey in Northern Command (1974/75) and Central Command (1976-77) and Services Championship (1976-77).

Transferred to APTC in 1979 and served as Instructor for 29 years (till 2008) with tenures at most prestigious training institutions including NDA, IMA, OTA, AIPT & AFSC. Also Served at Army HQ, HQ Eastern & Southern Command in staff appointments. Was privileged to be Manager of Services Hockey, Aquatics, Wrestling, Gymnastics & Athletics teams for numerous National Championships. Manager of Services Hockey team that won coveted Rangaswamy Cup (1985). Manager Army Hockey team that won Bombay Gold Cup (2008) and beat Malaysian Army teams during foreign tour.

His interest in research & analysis in selection & training of officers developed during 9 years instructional tenures at NDA, IMA & OTA, where he closely monitored and reviewed the prevailing systems for young officer cadets. He noticed several flaws, shortcomings and lacunae in them which needed holistic review and serious introspection. With the sole aim and objective of improving the quality of young military officers being inducted into the Services, Col Dalvi`s selfless and single minded devotion to the cause gave birth to a campaign called Victory India in 2010 which he is relentlessly pursuing till date.

His first book `Role Model` (2010) and second `Sun Tzu - The Art of War` (2012) were individual efforts leading to collective team endeavours: `Victory India-1` (2013), `Victory India-2` (2014), Victory India-3 (2016), `Beyond the Victory India Campaign` (2018). `Mission Victory India` (2019) is the 7th book comprising 38 articles, debates from 30 Authors & Respondents.

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