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Book title: INDO- PAK RELATIONS: Beyond Pulwama and Balakot
Author(s): Dr. Uday Vir Singh
ISBN: 9789386618825
Publication Year: 2019
Binding: HB
Pages: 368
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This book deals with the fundamental causes of the Indo-Pak conflict—why it is difficult, if not impossible, to have peace between the two neighbors. Also it explores the short spurt of Pulwama-Balakot stand-off or a game of one-upmanship.

It analyses the perennial conflict scenario and goes to stress that for Pakistan, in recent times,  there has been no marked change in disincentives (negative stresses) that could compel it to moderate its behavior towards India—and nor there exists a package of incentives (positive stresses)  that should force it to go for a change towards peace.

 All the key stakeholders of Pakistan (including army, ISI and terror outfits), other than the Pak public, will stand to lose if the religion-steeped state turned friendly, or even nonaggressive, towards India. In that situation, it is indeed difficult to comprehend for a logical mind that why should Indian politicians and diplomats hanker for the illusionary scenario of peace to unfold.

Let it be clear for one and all that peace (or even normalcy) between India and Pakistan will only be possible under one of the following situations.

That’ incentives’ package (positive stresses) for Pakistan in the event of being friendly is so great that the same can’t be resisted.

Or, the disincentives for retaining its historical behavior towards India are so great that the same can’t be resisted by its army-and ISI combine.

As long as one of the above two conditions doesn’t materialize, or isn’t forced upon, it shall remain just foolhardy for India to expect that things between the two quarrelsome neighbors shall turn towards normalcy.

ABOUT Author


Dr Udai Vir Singh is a management consultant, primarily specializing in productivity improvement acceleration (PIA) in corporate work environments.

He possesses a brilliant academic record: a PhD in 1966 from IARI, New Delhi and a Post-Doctorate from CNRA, Versailles, France.

Early in work life, he entered corporate work environment, passing through the varied fields of research and development, product development, marketing, market development, project planning, production, technology upgradation, technology transfer, business diversification and productivity acceteration, earning an intense and varied work experience of over 40 years. In latter part of his career, he concentrated on management training and consultancy work, aimed at collective work output acceleration for a number of corporate professionals.

All through his long and varied work life, Dr Singh always attempted to arrive at and sustain a right mix of thought and action wariorism. He has been a keen student of human nature and its manifestations in collective work interactions. He developed and productively employed several of his works and work-related thought formulations during his intense and challenging work assignments. Of these, the theory of bio-lethargy, theory of negativity, the law of stress balance, and the principle of potential interaction were fruitfully employed. His HPLC system of manpower selection and deployment proved particularly effective in non-urban work environments.

During post senior citizen`s phase, he has written several books on varied subjects of management, philosophy, terrorism, corruption, international relations and disparity and divercity—of which the following have been published.

• Management Wisdom of Lord Krishna (2008),

• Corporate Mismanagement (2009),

• Gandhian Philosophy and Terrorism (2011),

• Indo-Pak Relations (2012) (2nd edition 2013),

• Challenge of Corruption (2014).

• Subhash Bose: As India`s 1st Prime Minister? (2016)

Some of his concepts and manuscripts rest in pendrives. Revenge of Duryodhana is his first work of fiction.

Dr Singh has widely travelled in India and abroad. He comes from a well-educated family; his two children, a daughter and a son, are happily married and settled in Europe.

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